Management Tools for the Freelancer

Management Tools for the Freelancer


When you are your own boss, you get to do what you want, when you want to. However, your number one priority is to keep your clients happy (as a service provider) and in your own business you have to perform certain tasks to get the results you are aiming for.

Your tasks will generally include:

  • Social media marketing
  • Negotiating with clients
  • Tracking results
  • Managing finances
  • Managing service and product offerings
  • Getting to know new products and services
  • Creating marketing materials
  • Managing your website and blog
  • Customer services
  • and more (who ever said making money online requires no work?)

It's easy to forget important tasks when you have so much to do and that's why it's so important to manage your time efficiently.

You don't need to buy expensive time management software, as there are several simple tools available for free, and others that require low investment.

Remember:  Low Investment + High Yield = Higher Profits

Project Management Tools

  • Google Calendar - Free
    Great for tracking appointments.

  • Google Tasks - Free
    Great basic "to do list" manager. Allows you to add tasks by date and tick off when you have completed a task.

  • Remember the Milk - Free or Paid
    Great task tracking and delegation tool that can be access from several different devices.

Financial Management Tools

  • Zoho Invoice - Limited Free
    Great invoice management tool, free if you send 5 or less invoices a month.

  • Google Docs Templates - Free
    Search Google Docs for a professional invoice template. You won't have professional features, but you can always manage that externally.

  • Paypal - Free
    If clients pay you via Paypal, save yourself time and money by clicking on 'request money' to use Paypal's free invoicing feature. Also check your internet banking profile, as some of them offer free invoicing systems.

Document Management / Backup Tools

  • Dropbox - Free
    Excellent document storage, backup and file sharing system, and free up to 2 GB. If you refer other people to Dropbox, you get more free space.

Social  Media Management Made Easy

You're probably wondering how you will ever manage so many personal and business social media profiles at once. You understand why it has to be done and you see the benefits, but having to go into each account and posting the same message over and over just seems like too much work.

Well, you don't always have to do that. There are tools made for that particular purpose.

Just a word of warning:

Check your sharing settings on each account to avoid sharing the same things more than once on the same profile. For example, LinkedIn and Pinterest both allow you to share to both your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Therefore, if you share it from LinkedIn, don't do also do it on Pinterest.

Here are some tools that will allow you to share to various profiles all at once:

  1. Twitterfeed
    Twitterfeed allows you to share new blog posts automatically to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Once it is set up, you never have to worry about sharing anything again - it just happens.

  2. FutureTweets
    FutureTweets allows you to manually schedule tweets to go out at a certain date and time. You can schedule unlimited tweets, but it does take time. However, it is extremely handy for setting up tweets when you won't be there to physically tweet.

  3. BufferApp
    Request a free report showing you when most of your followers are online, you can use BufferApp to set up the best times for your tweets to go out for the best impact. Alternatively, you can schedule them to go out when it best suits you.







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