Freelance Job Platforms - Fiverr

Freelance Job Platforms - Fiverr


Fiverr is known as the best place to make a quick $5 quickly. While $5 doesn't sound much, with the Rand-Dollar exhange rate as it is, every $5 means ±R50.  And if you can do a lot of work (gigs) per day, soon the money will add up and you will be earning good money.

As with other job platforms, Fiverr is a good place for freelancers to be matched up with employers.

How Fiverr Works

Signing up for Fiverr is easy.

1.  Go to and click on sign up.
2.  Complete a quick profile.
3.  Set up a gig.

A gig is a job on Fiverr. It can be anything at all, that you are prepared to do for $5. Reading through the available gigs will give you some good ideas.

When you set up a gig, you are advertising your services to employers. If they are interested, they will contact you with questions, or buy a gig. You then have a set deadline (default is 24 hours, unless your gig is a product that has to be shipped) in which to complete your gig.

Freelancers can build up to level 2 and finally level 1, which offer additional features, such as gig extras and marketing materials. This is done by completing a certain amount of gigs in a specific time frame and receiving good feedback from clients.

Fiverr Payment

Each job is worth $5, of which the freelancer gets $4, because Fiverr takes a $1 fee per gig.

Clients have to mark a gig as complete within 3 days and then it takes another 12-15 days for the money to be available for withdrawal via PayPal.

While it sounds like a little bit of money, with a well-priced product or service, you can receive and complete several gigs every day and earn a reasonable income.

Important Notes About Fiverr:

  • If you provide contact details to employers to contact you and transact outside of Fiverr, your account will be deleted.
  • Fiverr offers a rating and feedback system, which can be used by clients to publicly rate you. This is a valuable tool to showcase your level of competence and customer care.
  • Clients may contact you via your profile to offer you jobs for which you have not applied








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