Make Money Online Warning Signs

Make Money Online Warning Signs


There are even more scams online than there are ways to make money and everyone will run into a scam at some point. However, you can use this quick list of warning signs and easy ways to tell whether something is legitimate, or not.

You Have to Pay for Something

Have you ever seen those websites with millionaires driving nice cars, posing in front of spectacular palm laced beach-front mansions with scantily-clad blonde beauties? You know, those sites that promise the ultimate online money making success secrets, if only you leave your email address? They then use your email address to pitch you on buying information packages.

If you have to pay to get information on an opportunity, it is probably a scam Many programs charge for starter kits, and the sign up fees usually cover only the processing fee and the content of the kit. That's understandable. Unless you have clear information on what to expect, never ever pay for an information pack!

Free Money for No Work or Very High Pay

Let's face it, nobody gives away any amount of money for no work. If it sounds too good to be true - avoid it to the best of your ability.

No Contact Details on a Website

If they insist on contacting you and you can't find contact details, that should set the alarm bells ringing. All websites should list all their contact details.

If their emails are from personal email accounts, are unprofessional and don't contain contact details, you need to be careful.

You Get the Job Right Away

If you apply to an online job, and you get it after a very brief email or Skype Interview, you should be concerned. These "jobs" would usually be advertised with a very high hourly pay.

Warning: Yahoo messenger is known as a popular hunting ground for scammers.

Vague Descriptions

Vague job descriptions usually go hand-in-hand with promises of high income. The reason why they are vague is to get many people to fall for the scam.

Requests to Disclose Personal Information

Never disclose any personal information, no matter how tempting the offers. This could include information such as your physical address, banking or credit card details, Identity number, or anything else that is personally identifiable.

Most people who make a lot of money online never had to disclose any personal information to anyone.

Search Results are Sketchy

Always search Google before you pursue an opportunity or buy anything online. A legitimate opportunity will have about 60% positive mentions, and 40% negative reviews. There will always be negative comments, because people have different goals and no opportunity could ever meet everyone's expectations.

If you can't find any information about a company, you need to avoid it at all costs.

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