Making Money with Business Directory Websites

Making Money with Business Directory Websites


One of my favourite tools to make money online is Business Directory sites. The main reasons why I like it, is because they:

  • are quick and easy to build,
  • easily get good rankings,
  • automatically bring traffic, and
  • they are great money-spinners

 1. How Online Business Directory Sites Work

Online directories are much like the old phonebook gathering dust on your shelf, except, modern internet users actually find information online. How often do you search Google for a dentist, a mechanic or a tree-feller in your area? What about a restaurant or a garden service? That's right, and you're not the only person who searches for these things almost every week. Now imagine if it was your website that was at the top of the search results, and that you were paid for advertising space by local businesses.

2.  Setting Up Your Business Directory Site

When setting up your directory, you can choose to either:

3. Choosing the Right Software for your Website

When starting out, it's best to use a free Content Management System (CMS) for your business directory site. CMS software allows you to setup a business directory website in minutes to quickly and easily update your content and ads, without having to mess around with code and CSS.

CMS software options include:

  • Wordpress
  • Joomla 
  • Drupal

Learn more about CMS systems here...

4.  Making Money With Your Business Directory Site

The main focus of your business directory site is to sell ad space to businesses. Initially, your main purpose will be to get the site to rank well on Google.  At first, you will have to place free ads, until your site ranks well.  People will not pay for ads on a site with little or no traffic.

As your traffic increases and you get more advertisers, you can replace the free ads with paid ads. Eventually, advertisers will come to you automatically.
Learn how to attract traffic to your site

4.  Making Money With Your Business Directory Site

A business directory site offers you two types of income:

  • Advertising income when people pay you to advertise their businesses on your site.
  • Adsense income is an option, should you decide to add it to your site. It is a great option, especially in the beginning while there's no paying advertisers. Later on, as your sites popularity increases, you might want to replace some of the Adwords ads with higher paying Advertiser Ads.
    Learn more about AdSense

Important Notes:

  • Set up Google Analytics so that you have all the information you need to entice advertisers to pay you for advertising. They will want to know your most current traffic and visitor statistics.
  • Set up a good pitch page with all your advertising information, including rates, traffic and conversion statistics, as well as testimonials.
  • If you are not a graphic designer, you will have to ask clients to send you their ads in the required sizes. Otherwise, you could outsource projects to a designer on oDesk or Fiverr, so you can constantly provide ads for your clients based on your / their required ad sizes. You will improve customer satisfaction with professionally designed, attractive images and ads.
  • Using standard ad sizes will make it easier to upgrade your site, or install better software as your website expands.








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