Paytel Dealership and Affiliate Marketing Programs

Paytel Dealership and Affiliate Marketing Programs


Paytel South Africa launched the Paytel Dealership and Affiliate Marketing Programmes about two years ago. Since then it has taken South Africa by storm and has been rapidly growing eversince. The Paytel Dealership Program has been voted one of the best sources of recurring income in South Africa by some of it's dealers, myself included.

1. The Paytel Dealership Programme

When you signup as a Paytel Dealer, your biggest and only challenge would be to promote Paytel using every means available to you. You will earn a commission on every customer that signs up for a Paytel number PLUS a commission per minute on every call received on every Paytel Number in your network.

Now you might say that you are not an advertising agency or marketing specialist. The good news is... You don't have to be! How easy is it to create a signature and add it to your outgoing emails, or tell all your friends about Paytel on Facebook, or send a few emails to businesses in your area? I am sure you will agree that it is really easy to do and basically everyone can do it.

Paytel's main product, the Paytel Number has no impact on your customer's infrastructure, it requires no hardware, no software, no installation and is setup and managed entirely by the Paytel Administration. The Paytel Number offers businesses many benefits and no monthly fee applies. This makes a Paytel number a must-have for every business in South Africa, making it easy to promote for Paytel Dealers and Affiliates.

Paytel has decided to only offer a limited number of dealerships. This to ensure that the market does not become saturated. Paytel therefore offers a small window of opportunity (limited dealerships) during which you will be able to sign-up for your own Paytel Dealership, so please ensure to get started now before this opportunity closes.

10 Benefits of a Paytel Dealership

1. Ongoing or reccurring profits on all calls received by your customers
2. Additional once off sign-up commissions.
3. Versatile product that is easy to promote!
4. Assignment of agents, affiliates and resellers that work for you and is managed by the system.
5. Virtual product requires no setup, installation, hardware, software, storage or delivery.
6. Can be managed and run from any location
7. Can be promoted online, via call centre and via sales reps
8. Fixed pre-calculated remuneration model for dealers, affiliates agents etc
9. We do all the technical support, billing, administration and commission payouts
10. Your reward is directly related to your input or commitment.

Earn a Constantly Growing Recurring Income

Paytel numbers allow your customers to earn up to 50c per minute on all their own incoming calls without having to change anything on their current phone systems. By completing a short application form businesses can increase their bottom line profits.

Imagine earning an income on every call made to every Paytel Number of every business in your network.

That's not all! Paytel also pays dealers a once-off commission on every new customer in their downline that signs up for a Paytel Number!

By appointing your own sales agents via our automated system, you will be generating income on thousands of phone minutes received from all the businesses signed up by your entire sales network.  The outstanding part is, that should you stop promoting, your monthly income will remain unaffected, which will give you the freedom to run your business and life on your own terms.

Unique Trial Funding Option

What makes the Paytel Dealership Program so attractive is that it is a self-funding business opportunity and is also the first of its kind. Paytel do not want to lose talented,  motivated individuals who do not have the necessary funds to start this business.  Paytel therefore devised a simple solution to make this affordable for everyone.

To join the Paytel Dealership Program costs R18 800 but it is completely and entirely possible that you can cover the entire setup fee from income generated during the first 90 days FREE evaluation period with no financial risk. 

To get started with the 90 day free evaluation period requires only an R500 refundable deposit!  This means that if you are willing to work hard from day one, without wasting time,  you can get a business that can generate anywhere from R10 000 or more per month for a mere R500 refundable deposit. If the profits earned during the 90 day evaluation does not cover the setup cost you could simply pay in the balance to get your full dealership activated. Payment terms are also available. The full dealership signup fee is R18 800 with an annual dealership fee of R600. 

The evaluation option is only  available for a short period of time and may be removed any time from now! Ensure to take full advantage by registering today before the offer expires!


2. The Paytel Affiliate Marketing Programme (It's FREE)

The reason most people love Paytel's Afiliate Marketing / Referral program is because it generates income quickly and easily. Paytel is a highly rewarding and profitable referral program.  To generate income simply send customers to the referral link (website) which we will give to you, or forward our easy predesigned emails to people who you think will benefit from it.  You will then earn R 180.00 (50%)  from every referral that pays.  Its that simple!  The easy customer tracking and management  system will help you to know exactly who's clicking on which of your ads, emails or links and what you are earning. Tell businesses and friends about us, display our banners or ads in your emails or website and you will see that you will make more money than with any other program.   The product is simple to understand and best of all can be tried for free.

We are passing the bulk of our signup commission to you.  Earn 50%  (usually R 180.00) per activated customer that signs up through your free referral link.  Refer ten and earn R 1800.00. 

How much can I earn?

Number of customers Earnings per month
10  customers per month R 1 800 pm
1 customer per week R 720 pm
1 customer per day R  5 400 pm
3 customers per day R  16 200 pm
5 customers per day R 27 000 pm
10  Customers per day R 54 000 pm

Click the button below sign up for the Paytel Affiliate Marketing Programme (It's Free)



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