Finding a Profitable Product to Promote

Finding a Profitable Product to Promote


It's important to consider the product you will be promoting carefully. Why?

Relevance: You want the product to be relevant to your target audience. It has to appeal to the demographics of your audience, else you won't sell. Therefore, the product has to be relevant to your site's topic.

Quality:  When you're running a website, people associate you with the brands that you promote. Therefore, a high quality product is important for maintaining your brand integrity and your personal brand reputation. The public view of your site will be influenced by the quality of the brand you're promoting.

Researching Your Product

Use these tips to assess whether your product of choice is suitable and will be profitable for your website.

1. Search Affiliate Networks

Several affiliate networks list numerous brands. Use these networks to search for products by typing in your keyword for relevant promotions.

2. Approach Affiliate Merchants

As you site grows and your traffic increases, you might be able to approach affiliate partners to see if they'd offer you commissions. However, I suggest you stick with existing affiliate merchants who have stable track records.

3. Check out AdSense

Whether you look on other blogs, your own AdSense ads, or those on Google search results will most often be related to affiliate programs.

4. Google Relevant Affiliate Programmes

Search Google for affiliate programmes that are linked to your niche.


What to Look For in an Affiliate Product

Once you've found a hungry niche and you have chosen an affiliate partner, it's time to drill down on the actual product to ensure that it's a good fit - for you, your site and your readers. Here are some key aspects to look for in a good affiliate product that will ensure good profits:

1. Solid Track Record

Most affiliate networks allow you to search by "best seller" or high gravity numbers. Don't make the mistake of trying to be
off-the-wall by trying to be the person who brings an unknown or new product into the market - leave that until you have made your fortune. For now, stick with the basics.

2. Timeless Product

Some products are very profitable, in the short term. They are known as seasonal products. It could be a new business strategy or a new technology that only stays new for so long. Technology constantly changes and new strategies for online marketing evolve, so a book on SEO will quickly become dated.

It's better to choose a product that will be timeless. For instance, a book on time management or a consumable product or service will be more profitable for longer.

3. Consumable Product or Service

If your service of product is something that someone keeps reordering, you're in for long term sales, without having to make the sale over again every time.

4. Subscription Product

A subscription-based affiliate programme is great, because you also only have to make the sale once to receive repeat commissions. Do note however, that some companies pay a finder's fee only, based on the first month's subscription, while others pay a monthly fee for as long as the subscription remains active. Additionally, some companies pay an additional usage fee, eg., a phone service.

5. Personal Buy-in

Only promote products that you will personally use, or recommend to people you love most. Your number one priority should be to help your readers by recommending quality products. Doing this will earn you their trust, which means they will be more likely to buy from you again in future.









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