Avoid Suspension of your Google AdSense Account

Avoid Suspension of your Google AdSense Account


Google AdSense's terms and conditions are very clear about acceptable usage policies. If you want to avoid suspension, it is a good idea to stick to the policies and be careful to avoid making mistakes. Lately, AdSense will usually send out a notification, giving you 72 hours to rectify the problem before suspending your account.

Here are some of the common mistakes that can cause your account to be suspended:

1. Content Formatting
Don't make your content look like Ads, because it confuses visitors and can lead to your account being banned.

2. Google Branding
Don't experiment too much with your AdSense search box and don't remove the Google branding.

3.  Abusive Content
Google owns many tools, and writing abusive articles about any of those products, will result in suspension. Abusive articles include information on hacking Gmail or Youtube accounts, bypassing payments on games and more.

4.  Images and Ads
Placing ads near images will cause confusion to among your visitors. Rather place your ads near text content, rather than near images.

5.  Accidental Clicks
Google does not allow you to encourage visitors to click on the ads. Placing your ads in places where users mainly click on all websites, is not allowed.

6. Do-Follow Links on Gaming Sites
If your site has a good Google PageRank and Alexa Rank, you will receive many offers from casino and gambling sites. Google will suspend you if you post those links on your site, as it is against their Terms of Service.

7.  Guest Posts
When you receive a guest post from another blogger, be sure to not check the content only, but also the link in his or her biography. Ensure that that website also complies with the Google Terms of Service. In addition to your site being suspended, your Google Ranking will also drop dramatically.

8.  Offensive Images
Google Adsense may suspend your account if you post offensive images.

9.  Plagiarism or Copyright Infringements
Copying content from a popular site and posting it on your own is a quick and easy way to quickly fill the pages of your site. However, AdSense does not allow this and will suspend your account if they find plagiarised or copyright content on your site. Google will also remove your site from their search index.

10.  Illegal Clicks
Every time you refresh your browser on a page that contains your AdSense ads, it registers and impression. Having many impressions is a good thing, but if it all comes from a single browser, it will cause a suspension. Google will see this as intentional, and that is not allowed. It can happen while you are making  changes to your site, too and to avoid this, you should use Adblock add ons.

Recovering your disabled Adsense Account

Google has become much more flexible in the sense that they now communicate with publishers about ways to recover disabled accounts.

Google remains strict about Terms of Service violations, however they will provide more information on the causes of suspensions. Once Google detects a violation, they will send you an email to  let you know about it and about what you can do to avoid suspension.

Publishers can contact Google using the "New Form" service, which stimulates the corrective process, and allowing officials to review the error and hopefully reactivate your account.











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