Setting Up Your First Google AdSense Campaign

Setting Up Your First Google AdSense Campaign


Once your account has been approved, you can log into your Adsense account to set up your first ad campaign. There are several options to choose from under "AdSense Setup".

a. Adsense for Content

Under this tab, you will find code for context-sensitive adverts. You can customise their appearance and select whether you want text adverts, image adverts or a combination of the two.

b.  Adsense for Search

Under AdSense for Search you  will find code for a Google search box which you can place on your website. Any searches through that box that result in a click on an advert will be counted in the same way as an advert clicked on your own site.

c. Referrals

Under referrals you will find adverts for specific products.

1. Best AdSense Ad Factors

You obviously want to get the best ads, which will capture the most clicks. There are a few things you should bear in mind.

Vertical vs. Horizontal Ads:

Wider ads outperform taller ads because they are more reader-friendly.Narrow ads force the reader to skip a line to return to the left margin after just a few words. A well-placed wide ad will almost always outperform a tall, narrow ad.

According to Adsense, these are the most popular sizes:

  • 336x280 Large Rectangle
  • 300x250 Medium Rectangle
  • 728x90 Leaderboard
  • 160x600 Wide Skyscraper

Naturally, the ad you use should compliment your site. It is better to use one large ad, rather than two smaller units adjacent to one another.

Too little space? Consider one of AdSense’s link units. They are available in versatile sizes that fit into smaller spaces than normal ads.

2. Best Ad Placement Practices

When choosing the best place to post your Adsense ads, you have to consider both the user-experience and the policies of the AdSense Program.

User-experience:  Your site should be easy to read and navigate. Consider your goals for the website and the reasons why people visit particular pages. Your ads should be near the main area of focus  on your page in order to draw readers' attention to the ads and encourage them to click. Keep the pages looking uncluttered, inviting and clean.

Content Relevance: Create content which will encourage readers to click on the relevant ads on your page. If you think like a reader, about what they'd want to read and what they are likely to click on.

The Fold: Ads above the fold perform better. Screen sizes and browsers vary, so check that your ads are placed above the fold. You can use this handy tool to see whether your ads are above the fold:

Appearance:  Make sure your ads look like ads. The colours should complement your site, while keeping the distinct look of ads separate to the content of your site. Don't mimic your content to look like the ads. This is prohibited
by the terms and conditions.

Less is more:  Google Adsense policies allow you to place 3 x ad units, 3 x link unit and 2 x search boxes on each page in your site. However, using that many ads will make your site look cluttered and will cause readers to browse away from your site.

3. Inserting the Ads on Your Site

Bloggers often make the mistake of stuffing the ads into every blogpost. It's better to paste the code into the template. It's as simple as copying the ad HTML code and pasting it into the appropriate place of your blog.








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