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Social Networking

Find out all you need to know about Social Networking

Find out all you need to know about Social Networking
Social Networking 1.1. Introduction to Social Networking  
Having a clear social media marketing strategy will deliver tangible and consistent results. It's important to note that a social media marketing campaign will take time and effort, but it can deliver long-lasting profitable results.

Facebook 1.2. Introduction to Facebook  
Facebook is a huge and effective SMM tool and if you use it correctly, you will have access to millions of people that form part of this global audience. Use it to your advantage and get them to like your page, share your posts and leave comments about your excellent service.

Google+ 1.3. Introduction to Google Plus  
Google+ is one of the newer social media platforms, launched June, 2011 by Google Inc. However, in January 2013, Google+ beat Twitter to the coveted spot as second biggest social network, right after Facebook. Google+ has more than 500 million registered users and continues to grow and improve, which makes it the place to be if you have a business to promote.

LinkedIn 1.4. Introduction to LinkedIn  
LinkedIn is often thought of as a career-building search board, but it is also an incredible business-to-business network. If you follow these instructions carefully and you invest some time into it, you can turn your LinkedIn profile into a great traffic generator for your website.

Pinterest 1.5. Introduction to Pinterest  
Pinterest is the latest fast-growing social network site that has taken the world wide web by storm and is the perfect forum for exposing your business' unique style. This network is image-based, whereby the images are derived from your website. This means that when someone clicks on the image on Pinterest, they will be directed to your website.

Twitter 1.6. Introduction to Twitter  
Twitter users are always looking for information, services, products, ideas and opportunities. Therefore, if you share your thoughts and ideas on this network, you take advantage of the opportunity to grow and improve your business.

YouTube 1.7. Introduction to YouTube  
YouTube has been around for years, but only recently has it gained a reputation for its efficiency as a social network and for its ability to drive traffic to websites. It's fast becoming the social media network for small businesses. This introduction will show you why and how you should make YouTube part of your social networking strategy.

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