Introduction to YouTube

Introduction to YouTube
Author: The Money Source  Last Update: 03 November 2013


YouTube has been around for years, but only recently has it gained a reputation for its efficiency as a social network and for its ability to drive traffic to websites. It's fast becoming the social media network for small businesses. This introduction will show you why and how you should make YouTube part of your social networking strategy.

If, like many other people, you feel intimidated by the idea of posting videos of yourself on YouTube, relax! You can have an active social marketing account without producing and posting your own videos (although, eventually, it will be a great idea to do so). Instead, you can rate, share and comment on other people's videos, and create playlists of your favourite videos.

How to get a YouTube account:

  1. Go to and click on Create an Account.
  2. Complete your information and accept Terms and Conditions, then click on Submit.
  3. Go to your email inbox and click on the verification email to activate your account.

How to get traffic from YouTube

Once your account is setup, you can search for relevant videos to share via YouTube, one the various social media options, or emailed to friends. When you share on YouTube, you can either embed the video content for a single video, for a playlist or a channel.

By maintaining an active YouTube profile (channel), you will generate interest in your videos, and providing you add links to your video descriptions, you will send traffic to your site.

YouTube serves as an excellent source of high converting website traffic. By producing your own videos, you will build a relationship with your market, driving even more qualified leads to your website. You can use YouTube Insights to track the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Some of the best videos for YouTube Marketing include:

Vlogs: A recent trend sees blog posts that include video, and you can use YouTube to drive viewers who have seen your videos, to your blog to read it.

How To:  One of the main reasons why people look for videos online, is to find out how to do certain things, or to receive training on a specific subject. That offers you a great opportunity to turn your frequently asked questions into videos and in turn, send traffic to your site.

Testimonials: Testimonials add credibility to your service or product. Use that as a sales tool in your videos, sending warm leads that are ready to buy to your website.

Profile: Every company should have a company overview or profile video on YouTube. Use that to give a high-level overview of your company.

Anyone can create a video, but do invest time and money to make it professional.


Visit if you have a limited budget and no access to resources to produce your own video. On Fiverr you can order a professional video for less than R500 ($50).


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