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Introduction to Twitter
Author: The Money Source  Last Update: 03 November 2013


There is no denying the fact Twitter is one of the most popular social networks in the world. It only makes sense to add a Twitter account to your social media marketing efforts.

Twitter users are always looking for information, services, products, ideas and opportunities. Therefore, if you share your thoughts and ideas on this network, you take advantage of the opportunity to grow and improve your business.

Twitter allows you to showcase your content and  updates 140 characters at a time. It allows people of interest to follow you (and you to follow them) and retweet or share your tweets.

You can also share photos, videos from YouTube and links to any website.

Here's how to signup with Twitter:

1. Go to You will see the New to Twitter? Sign up field and fill in your full name, email and password.

2. Click on Sign up for Twitter and follow the prompts to create your profile.

How to Make the Most of Your Twitter Profile

Choosing your name:  As with other social media platforms, you will want to optimise your profile as much as possible, starting with your brand name as your profile ID. If your name is common, it might be difficult to obtain as a profile name. In that case, choose something relevant and easy to remember.

Impress with your header: A professional looking header image is guaranteed to receive more interest than a boring or generic header. If you're not a graphic designer, it might be an idea to hire one on Fiverr.

Getting Traffic from Twitter

Twitter is a great place to promote your content, pictures and videos. However, don't waste your time on promoting discounts and business ads on Twitter.

You need to find followers in order to gain more. Start by sharing your Twitter profile on other social networks and in your email signature. Make it easy for your customers to find you on Twitter.

You can follow people using Twitter's search function or use discover to find relevant contacts in your area. The key is to follow people who will be interested in what you have to offer, because they will be more lucky to engage you and to share your tweets.

By sharing and retweeting unique and interesting content that users will find worthy of sharing with their followers. Balance your sharing by frequently sharing content from industry influencers and not just sharing your own content. 

Following these basic tips will help you become a great social media marketer on Twitter. Also read this informative report from Twitter on how to market on the social network:


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